SAVA FARAH | Biography

Sava Farah started early, and she started fast. After emigrating from Albania to The Bronx at age 5, having crossed what was then the Yugoslavian border on foot with her family, Sava immediately connected with her inner hustle. Reinforced by her Albanian roots, she blended opportunity, work ethic, trust and gratitude into an enthusiasm for hospitality—a combination that organically sent her straight into her first restaurant job at age 13.  

It was at that Greek diner, washing and bussing dishes alongside her short order cook uncles, that she further developed the self-reliance and love of challenge that belied her age. By 21, Sava had worked every restaurant position, and from every angle. Just two years later, and with a starter business venture under her belt, Sava set her entrepreneurial sights on Ann Arbor, for the vibe, the people, and as always… the opportunity.

Her first restaurant in town, Sava’s, has since grown from its original 23-seat café to the full-service, 250-seat restaurant it is today, stronger than ever and in its 10th year of business. Sava added a marketplace concept in 2011, a second restaurant, Aventura, in 2014, and both a commissary kitchen and a catering and events company in 2015, all under the organizational umbrella of her management company, Savco Hospitality.

Sava has come to her successes honestly and with humility, engendering love and loyalty from her teams and her community through her generous dedication to quality of life experience. She believes, to her core, in the power of positivity in action, dynamically building it into every level of Savco’s unique hospitality program. Sava’s businesses and her teams continue to grow and thrive, with future opportunities built with love and by the hour.